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How does a coworking space work?

With the development of digital work, professionals are no longer required to rent locations that require a large budget.

Alternatively, the establishment of coworking spaces is developing. These are working environments designed to accommodate all types of nomadic professionals.

What is a coworking space? How it works ? What is its function ?

Open space du centre Aréolis à Cotonou
Aréolis Cotonou view of the Open space - Photo credit @OroncehPhotography

What is a coworking space?

A coworking space is a shared working environment opened to independent professionals. In other words, it is a collaborative workspace where several freelancers can meet and share offices and other resources necessary for their work (printers, internet connection, meeting rooms, etc.)

These are private infrastructures that allow freelancers to save on the costs of traditional installations for companies. Moreover, these new ways of working are likely to promote collaboration between professionals who otherwise would never have met.

How it works ?

Freelancers, professionals, and entrepreneurs can access coworking spaces by subscribing to daily, weekly, and monthly plans.

Depending on your needs and the services offered, coworking spaces could provide:

  • A phone

  • High speed internet

  • Private offices

  • Shared offices

  • Meeting rooms

  • Video projectors and printers

  • Shared services with high added value (secretarial services, telephone switchboard, commercial domiciliation, legal service, accounting service, etc...

Historically, coworking spaces have primarily targeted freelancers in the digital sector. They now welcome professionals from all sectors.

The development of coworking spaces is a direct consequence of the explosion of digital work and remote working. Many professionals and consultants are now working out of the office. They are therefore no longer subject to the constraints of permanent rental which sometimes require heavy investment, especially in large cities. Coworking spaces are a relevant and viable alternative for this category of workers.


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