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& Training

Knowing is good, understanding is better!

AREOLIS offers a complete range of services for business development. Though, we do pay special attention to three promising industries for Africa. These are, Business Services, Textile Industry and Food Processing Industry.

With regards to globalization of business exchanges, and the spectacular population growth in Sub-Saharan Africa, self-employment has become one smart response to unemployment and poverty.


Unfortunately, too many entrepreneurial experiences fail due to the lack of technical, and management skills. Our holistic approach embraces all the aspects of the business, from the conception of the entrepreneurial project.

Our international footprint, combined with the variety and depth of our expertise, and our focus on extremely dynamic industries, should be perceived by the public, as tokens of our understanding of West African business environment and long-term strategic vision.

Market study technics - Designing product or service offer Sales technics - Sales negotiation - Business development - Customer portfolio management - Customer relationship management

Introduction to basic accounting - Introduction to financial analysis - Introduction to corporate taxation in Benin

Designing the strategic frame of business - Strategic roadmap - Management policy - Sales Management – Teambuilding - Team management - Managing managers - Network management

Introduction to Benin administration rules for businesses - Legal culture

Team motivation - Recruitment technics - Human resources - Management policy - Quality management policy

Distribution strategy - Setting up a distribution network - Principles of international import/export transport - Introduction to logistics management

Office software training - Getting started with computer tool - Getting started with professional software

Brand strategy - Digital communication - Community manager - Content strategy - Visual identity

Quality approach - Ready-to-wear industrial technics - Industrial technics of food processing - Industrial technics of professional kitchen management - Hotel management technics