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Pancarte Aréolis coworking


& Training

Knowing is good, understanding is better!

Aréolis coworking, in collaboration with ND Consultant Group firm and its network of experts, offers a full range of services for developing companies.

With the globalization of trade and unprecedented increase in the sub-Saharan population, self-employment has become an obvious response to unemployment and precariousness. But there are many entrepreneurial initiatives that fail due to a lack of technical skills in management of production, of financial matters as well as material and human resources...

Our global approach embraces all stages starting from the design phase of the strategic business development plan. Thus, our international structure, the depth and variety of skills available, are signs of our thorough understanding of the business environment in general and proof of a very long-term strategic vision.


To find out more about tailor-made training programs, please contact us HERE

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As part of the Aréolis accelerator, we offer entrepreneurs and executives several advanced workshops dedicated to management functions.

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We have also adapted several of our standard training courses to the purchasing power of very small businesses, in order to enable entrepreneurs to build their capacities at a lower cost.

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