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Coworking space and professional networking

One major added value that the coworking trend brought to freelancers and startups, is an easier development of their professional network. Coworking spaces are not only an open work environment, but also an opportunity to mingle.

How does coworking, a current trend in the world, encourage freelancers and other independent or nomadic professionals to develop a professional network?

Find out in this article, the correlation between coworking space and professional networking.

The bubbling and variety of profiles in coworking spaces

In coworking spaces, we observe a dynamic and large number of varied profiles. This is because these work environments are very attractive and conducive to inspiration and creativity at work.

The bubbling that reigns there generally facilitates exchanges between the most open coworkers. The proximity in these spaces with shared resources, encourages other more discreet professionals to get closer to each other. This form of shared space and equipment with complete strangers, though in a protected setting, favors the emergence of more open, friendly professional relationships.

Indeed, professional relationships in coworking spaces are less formal than in companies or administrations. That freedom inspires the mode of work in a coworking space.

Professional emulation, the hallmark of coworking spaces

The layout and organization of coworking spaces are very beneficial for entrepreneurs, nomadic consultants and freelancers. While everyone is working towards their own goals, being in a place that encourages inclusion and exchange leads many of the users in these coworking spaces to exchange ideas.

To do so, they either share a desk or a cup of coffee.

In addition to offering an ideal framework when you are nomadic, coworking spaces create a kind of professional emulation between functions that are sometimes very distant from each other.

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