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According to an industry study by, of the total number of businesses in the world, more than 400 million are small businesses (2022). They are said to represent 90% of the total world volume.

Small businesses generate 50% of jobs worldwide.


According to the World Bank, these companies are mainly financed by non-bank systems. The same study reveals that 22.5% of these companies fail in the first year, and 50% during the first 5 years of existence. Overall, this study shows that only 30% of small businesses reach the age of 10 and over.

The causes of these failures are now linked for 42% to too low or irregular demand, and for 29% to difficulties in accessing financing.

Other causes for these failures are the loneliness of entrepreneurs, the lack, or rather, the inadequacy of investments, the lack of certain skills and the lack of innovation which can echo the insufficient demand.


To contribute to the emergence and stability of an ecosystem of successful and sustainable African small and medium-sized enterprises, we have initiated the Aréolis Accelerator program in Benin.

The Aréolis SME accelerator is a joint venture between ND Consultant Group and La Rencontre des Entrepreneurs (RDE) from Senegal. Our objective is to offer African SMEs a new way of structuring their production tool and their management model. The value proposition of the Aréolis accelerator revolves around pragmatic solutions that are perfectly adapted to the local ecosystem, while being in perfect cohesion with international business standards.

The service offer of the Aréolis accelerator consists of 5 solutions:

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